Just derpin' around!

Just a quick update post to tell everyone that nothing is being created right now but we do have plans for some new games! other news is that our next possible game (not naming it yet!) is possibly going to be a download so it will probably be on a website like this www.indiedb.com ! P.S I recommend checking that link out it has some really cool games on it.


DONE!! :)

FINALLY WorldsFastest is done and it is up on kongregate! Me and Adam will have to decide what game is coming next but right now we are just really happy! click this for the game!


New idea for a new game!

Me and Adam are having a discussion over a game that we think could have big potential. It would be a game based around the Dakar rally but instead of one long endurance event it would have about 10 shorter stages, the cars would have realistic dynamics and soft-body physics. No concept art has been made for this game as the idea has just came into mind. I will release any material as soon as it is created.


Almost done!

WorldsFastest is pretty much done all that needs added is a WORKING timer because when Adam made the timer it started from 10:00 instead of 0:00, It has been decided that CubeLife is going to be made and the blog will be updated with some new features. be sure to play WorldsFastest when it comes out!


200+ page views!

so today we hit 208 page views for me and Adam's blog so I just decided to make this little post talking about our small achievement so that any readers could see that our blog that has a very small amount of posts achieved something like this, well at least I think that this is good!



This post is not entirely pointless but the reason why it is called a pointless post is because something went wrong with WorldsFastest but is pretty much fixed already! So I could have just made a post saying that everything is going fine because things pretty much are. Just so that everyone knows Ross is the person who writes on this blog but I am planning to get Adam to make a post as well considering that he has more material about WorldsFastest because all of the game data is on his computer. So I finish this post with a pre-alpha picture of WorldsFastest


My estimate times are completely horrible!

Ok so to start off, the core development of WorldsFastest has already finished and now only sound, wheel animations and a couple of things to polish in-game but concept art and a run-through video will be released on this blog and on YouTube as well as a trailer just before release.

P.S Sorry about this being a short post but there ain't really anything else to speak about :)


Website updated!

Ok so first of all I have added in a translate button so that if you prefer to read this webpage in a different language you can and I have made a share button so that you can share this page with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and a Google+ share button will be added soon! Adam is making good progress on WorldsFastest and I am hoping to add even MORE features to the website including a separate concept art page to view all the concept art that has been created and that would have a new post with art on it every month. For now I estimate that WorldsFastest's release will be round about late June or something like that :)

Here is some concept art for the possible game CubeLife!



Development on WorldsFastest has been put on hold because our developer (Adam) is currently working on his own little game for himself and unity only lets you work on one project at a time. This means that the release of WorldsFastest will be pushed back until the Adam's game is published on a website like Kongregate or any other free-game hosting website like that. any other news is that we might get some games on steam greenlight if they are successful on Kongregate etc etc. So for now here is a picture of a bomb that is somewhat relevant to our name


And lift off!

here is the grand opening of the EpicBomb blog! So basically my and Adam want the public to see our creations and we start with.. Nothing! We are working on a game called "WorldsFastest" which is supposed to be a very addictive game that had the same effect as flappy bird but it is not anything like the game itself.
Here are some concept images of it

so for now stay tuned for news about the game :)